I love Dru Yoga with Balbir as it always leaves me feeling relaxed as well as relieving sore muscles.  It helps my core, back and hips too.  I always enjoy the breathing techniques Balbir uses and the final relaxation.  I found the gentle yoga techniques great exercise.

- Naomi, Harrow, Middlesex.

My thoughts on Dru Yoga:

I have been practicing Dru yoga with Balbir since September 2014 and have found the classes most enjoyable.  I love the fluidity of the movements, and the way it exercises and energises my whole body.  I enjoy the feeling of restoration and the improvement to my state of mind by the end of the class.  I appreciate the results achieved without strenuous over-exertion, especiall in the improved movement in the spine.  I benefit from the restfulness of the final relaxation.

My thoughts on Balbir:

I find Balbir a supportive and patient teacher.  I love her enthusiasm for Dru Yoga, which brings enjoyment, and fun, into her teaching.  I appreciate her ability to sponsor a feeling of safety and wellbeing into each class.

- Rosalind Field, Harrow, Middlesex.

Dru Yoga is perfect for anyone looking for gentle exercise with relaxation and meditation.  As a single Mum, it has become my weekly 'me time'. 

Each week, Balbir guides us through the yoga poses and explains the benefits of them.  They help stretch out my tired and aching muscles, while the meditation helps de-stress and calm my mind, helping me to cope with another week.

Balbir's enthusiasm, friendliness and great knowledge of yoga makes the classes a joy to attend.  The classes are also great for meeting new friends, as we always have a catch up on how our week has been.

I am so glad I decided to join Balbir's Dru Yoga class

- June Adams, Hayes