What is Dru Yoga?


Dru Yoga is a unique, beautiful and potent form of yoga which helps to relax, unwind and stretch.  When practised regularly it can revive tired muscles, reduce back pain and combat stress giving both the body and mind  much needed rest and relaxation, helping one to find a still point in a busy world.



What is unique about Dru Yoga?


  1. Joints are kept relaxed and soft (as in tai-chi) creating flexibility & free flow of subtle energy
  2. Energy Block Release Sequences are easy to practise, the flowing movements help release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.
  3. All movements originate from the spine because a healthy, flexible spine supports your entire yoga practice.
  4. A deep understanding of core stability is Dru’s main focus.
  5. It works to bring balance to the energy centres of the body (chakras) and access the powerful energy of the heart.


A Dru Yoga class is made up of: Activations, Energy Block Release Sequence, Posture/s and a Deep Relaxation. Classes are suitable for all abilities and Dru’s therapeutic nature means that they are also good for those who might otherwise feel unable to attend yoga classes.



“The therapeutic nature of Dru yoga has been hugely important to me and I’m looking forward to passing that on through my classes. I love the different ways it can be practiced, from meditative salutations to really dynamic, powerful sequences. Dru Yoga has a lot to offer the regular practitioner”