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Dru Yoga is a unique and beautiful form of yoga which helps to relax, unwind and stretch.  Dru is based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing and visualization.  When practised regularly it can revive tired muscles, reduce back pain and combat stress giving both the body and mind  much needed rest and relaxation, helping one to find a stillness in a busy world.          


Stillness is not exactly something that is readily available in our Western society. Perhaps that's why it's not so easy to explain what it means. You may like to think of it as a feeling of inner quietude - when all unnecessary movement of the body and agitation of the mind have ceased, even if it's only for a moment.

Some beautiful examples of stillness in nature, which can be used as a metaphor:


- when the waters of a fast flowing mountain stream come to rest in a lake;

- when the sun comes out after a heavy downpour and a gentle haze starts to rise up from the earth and fill the valley.

Stillness doesn't necessarily depend on the absence of sound or movement, but more so on our own attitude to what happens around us. Do we fight it or can we accept it? Are we attached to any of it or can we let it go? It is on purpose that I have chosen the roundabout way to come to the concepts CALM and UNDISTURBED.

It is the inner attitude that matters!